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Fly Higher by Constantly Seeking Performance Feedback and Constructive Feedback (From Sources You Trust)

performance feedback

VALID feedback counts!

People have opinions on just about anything, starting with your shoelaces all the way to the hair strand that appears to be pointing North all the time. And often times the “ear ringing feedback” we receive isn’t anything helpful or constructive either, especially if they don’t appreciate your lifestyle, hairstyle, eyebrow-style or mission.

Then there are others (who are just as strange as you and me), and not only believe in your mission/message but also have a ton of expertise and experience under their wings. Many of these dudes are ready and willing to share their “invaluable feedback” or “constructive criticism” at a moments notice (if you show up at their doorstep with a freshly baked plate of cookies, a pie or maybe a Kangaroo). Or you could just keep the Kangaroo and attend one of their seminars.

One little tweak you make based on the information/feedback they provide could launch your life and business in a whole other dimension (but nothing extraterrestrial or anything involving extradimensional beings) .



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