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When Making New Hires Do You Always Lead With Your Incentive Compensation Plan?

Incentive Compensation Plan

Cash incentives can be effective. But often times, that’s not a sustainable enough motivation for a person’s “loyalty”. That’s why Zappos offer their interns a $1000 incentive following the completion of their training to “quit the company”. Those who love the “quick cash” route would take the money, and then show up the next day as new trainees with fake names, fake hair and fake mustaches.

So, think more in terms of the value you’re adding to their lives, how important you and your company makes them feel as individuals. And in terms of how you’re helping them to grow in the process.

By getting them to fall in love with your company, brand, service and company culture, you’ll have fewer people showing up to work in their pyjamas, fewer people falling asleep whist talking to customers and fewer people calling in sick over broken nails and broken hearts.




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