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Potential Unleashed: How to Live a Fulfilling Life

Potential unleashed

Every Economy favors the Righteous and the Bold!

In fact, many successful businesses are the result of adversity and ambition.

We all had ambitions and aspirations at one time. But as soon as we start measuring our resource and skill constraints against the size of our dream, we immediately bump our heads on the ceiling of doubt, worry, and fear.And then we very humbly climb back down from our high ladders, say a curse word or two, spend the weekend nursing our wounds and on Monday, we’re back in our mediocre workplace grinning, nodding and waving our little “yes” flags at whatever the Boss says.

If you’re not familiar with the “yes” flag, here’s a little insight on how that goes:

“Are you happy with your Job – Yes”,

“Do you have something growing out of your head? – Yes”,

“Would you clean that Window from outside, even though we’re on the 50th floor? – Yes”

Now, when successful people hit the same ceiling, they climb back down,
grab a helmet and try again and when that fails they start chipping away at the ceiling with a hammer and chisel. And if that still doesn’t work, they’ll go back up with a jackhammer and try to work it upside down if they have to.

Bottom line is, they just don’t give up.

So, DON’T let your dreams die with you!

And don’t let your past failures, hold you back for the rest of your days.
Reignite the dream that you once buried deep inside your Kid’s toy box (and hoped no one would notice).

Now, if it’s a dream that lights you up like a Christmas Tree, every time you think about it, then rest assured that it’s been put there by your Creator. And when he puts a dream in your heart, he’s gonna stand by you all the way UNTIL he brings it to fruition.’ll have to do some work too.

So, once you have pulled out that dream from the toy box, dust it off and tell any spiders who had been doing any reconstruction work on it to “take a hike”.

Then start looking around for people who have gone before you and brought the same dream or a similar dream to life.

Interview a few of them and make one of them your trustworthy Coach and Mentor.

And then “model”the buttocks off their success blueprint, until you make it happen for you. Copy their daily rituals, how they prospect to their clients, how they organize their days, the way they brush their teeth, and even try mimicking the way they sneeze.

Ultimately success is all about following the footsteps of those who had gone before us. And as long as we mimic EACH STEP right, then there’s no way we’re gonna end up somewhere in the deep woods talking to a strange Wolf wearing a little red cap.

And, along the way you’re gonna run into a few hundred brick walls, stone walls, wooden walls, banana peels, beehives and a few mud puddles.

But when you built the tenacity and grit to overcome ALL those obstacles and get back up again and again after every slip, slide, flip, somersault, split, splotch, and fall, then that dream is yours to keep for the rest of your life.
And, when your kids (being the copycats they are)see what you had managed to accomplish, will eventually do the same as soon as they get bored with all their video games.

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