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I Need Energy Now: The 7 Step Process for Sustainable Energy with Zero Side-Effects

I need energy now
Do you find yourself sleepwalking at times?

It’s important to Work hard every minute that you work. But, if it starts feeling like an Elephant’s been using you for a Kitchen Stool all week, then you’re probably overdoing it.

Whilst it may be necessary to put in the extra hours from time to time, especially when you’re working on a major project or Building a brand new Business, your priority should be to your health and the well-being and happiness of your loved ones. After all, what good is the work if you lose your Family and your Hair in the process?

But,if right now you’re at a place that you just have to do it all, then here’s how it’s done:

1. Take one day a week to spend with your Family, or if you’re single, take a whole day out to just enjoy yourself.

2. Meditate for 30 minutes each day prior to or after work – This’ll rejuvenate your mind and spirit and it’ll feel like you hadn’t worked a single minute of that day (just don’t say that to your Boss though)

3. Switch everything you eat to all Raw, Fresh Produces (such as Fresh Fruits, Veggies, Greens, Salads, Nuts, Seeds, Milk and Eggs) – When you eat much of your food just the way your Creator’s given them to you, you’ll feel incredibly energetic all day long and you won’t be subjected to any of the typical mood fluctuations you would experience otherwise.

You can make your experience super scrumptious by using what I’ve mentioned above to whip up some awesome smoothies and some slender salads. And feel free to season your salads with 100% Natural Spices, Sea Salt and Healthy Oils such as Olive and Sesame Oil.

As Tony Robbins puts it “If you wanna feel alive, eat live foods”.

4. Drink a glass of water every hour – About 70% of our Bodies and 70% of the world is made up of…Slush Puppie? Nope, water.

Meaning that our Creator was Winking away at us, when he made “Water” the primary component of our little pretty blue planet. So, isn’t it high time we finally take the hint?

5. Exercise for a FEW minutes BEFORE you start your day – Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t make you feel more tired, it just flushes out any stress and anxiety you have leftover from the day before so that you’ll feel like a million bucks all day long. Obviously, you have to do it for a few months first to start feeling that way, because until a certain point you’re gonna a be focused only on the excruciating agony resulting from exercise and not the bliss.

But if you’ve already developed an allergic reaction to exercise, then start out with just a simple 10-minute walk and then increase that walk each week in 5-minute increments until you hit the 30-minute mark. Then, gradually increase your walking speed each week until you’ve built it up to a solid power walk. Lastly, when that power walk begins to feel like a midday nap, try something a bit more fun and intense like P90X3.

6. Stop watching the news and other “shocking” TV shows – Preserve your emotional energy by NOT letting the News Media folk dump whatever trash they had collected during the day, straight into your head

7. Finish the day off with a warm Dead Sea Salt and Lavender Essential Oil bath.

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