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Why Would You Make a Good Employee: 5 Characteristics That Will Make You Invaluable To Your Employer

Why Would You Make a Good Employee

A little R-E-S-P-E-C-T at work? Here’s how:

1. Dress Professionally from head to toe – Avoid wearing bicycle chains, bling, stripper shoes, straight jackets, jumpsuits, swimsuits, excess makeup, fashion props and anything with any kind of icing on it. And contrary to popular belief, “light makeup” also does wonders to your Romantic life.

Now as per exactly what to wear for work, I would suggest reading either John T. Molloy’s Dress for Success or Dress for Success for Women to steer you in the right direction. And you may wanna skip the Fashion Magazines for this one.

2. Be friendly, approachable and awesome to every Mammal and Marsupial you come across (not just the cute and inedible breeds).

Since it’s still legal to treat everyone at home “really nice” that would be a great place to start. In fact, if you can grit and grin through that, you won’t have to try too hard for the rest.

Behavior is always the sum total of what goes into your mind through your eyes, ears and occasionally your nose and how you process

favorable/unfavorable circumstances in your life. If you put the right stuff in and don’t let the worry bugs nibble you in the butt causing you to react, that’s pretty much who you’ll be all day long.

Also on the subject of “being nice”, it’s worth mentioning that you normally earn about 5% of the respect that you distribute beforehand (minus taxes and shipping). So, the more annoyingly virtuous you become, the more good things start coming your way (from all around and even from above).

3. Be helpful – Always be a friend to make a friend. And do it without any anterior motive or some kind of evil masterplan.

A friendly smile and a pretty face don’t mean much if you run out of the Building every time someone needs your help.

4. Be a role model –Anyone who keeps a pair of scissors in their back pocket to cut corners and inconveniences at whim not only gets a bad rep from their Bosses (and the Universe), but they’re also seen as “highly questionable” by their own friends and colleagues.

So, don’t just show up for work early for the extra Coffee. Show up early to get a big bite off that Godzilla-sized worm called work. When you become the kind of person who shows up early, gets stuff done at a Road Runner pace, outsources all the gossip and idle chitchat and is irritatingly helpful and cheerful, you’ll earn the love and respect of the people that really matter.

5. Don’t be a doormat – Part of being sensationally awesome is occasionally being subjected to the sorcery of a handful of wannabe Warlocks and Witches.

The best remedy for dealing with dudes and duchess like that is just to ignore them altogether and let them sunbathe in their own misery. But if at any time the abuse becomes physical, make a formal complain about them and move on. Don’t take matters into your own hands by inviting them to Dinner at some abandoned building and going all Buffy or Bruce Lee on them. It also helps to leave anything even remotely life threatening at home (blades, daggers, axes, handguns, jackhammers, saucepans, can openers, the hot sauce etc.)

The person who takes the high road every single time (despite the occasional “unintended” slipup) has Supernatural favor and protection around the clock, despite their faith or lack of it. But you won’t see anything happening unless you were “genuinely” in need of a supernatural intervention, much like how the water sprinklers kick into action when they sniff out a cigarette but don’t do much if they smell a freshly baked cookie.

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