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Pursuing Your Dreams: Have You Settled for Less?

Pursuing your dreams

Live YOUR Life! Not the one you stumble into.

Most people trip, stumble and fall into their Professions. And limp away for the rest of their careers. Then when the painkillers finally kick in they convince themselves into believing that it’s as good as it gets. Or they’ll talk themselves out of pursuing the trade or profession that makes them whistle like a Kettle every time they think about it, just because it would take them years to the learn the skills necessary to get there.

But consider this! Even if the transition takes 10 more years, when you finally reach the finish line of that cycle, that new life is yours to cherish for the rest of your days. No one’s gonna ring your doorbell the next day and claim it back. And every morning you wake up afterwards, you’ll feel that much more empowered and invigorated and proud of how you PUSHED yourself into achieving that “big ass elephant” of a goal.

Life rarely works in straight lines. Often times we discover our true calling through a series of mistakes, accidents, disappointments, and dissatisfactions. But when it does show up, grab it, tickle it, wrestle it the ground and make it yours!


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