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Good Planners Do More and Achieve More in Life (a Heck of a Lot More)

Good Planners

Do you have a plan? Or do you at times feel like a leaf blowing in random directions?

What would you like to see in your life 10 to 250 years into the future in terms of your health, relationships, spirituality, and finances?

Who already has the kind of life you’re looking to sculpt for yourself?

What have they done so far to design that life for themselves and what do they do every day to maintain it?

Who can help me in my journey to achieve similar results as a Coach or a Mentor?

And what resources would I need to make that happen?

Once you have your vision drawn out and you have identified some of the pieces to the puzzle,put together an actionable plan in bite-size form. Then sprinkle it with some motivation (and perhaps a little garlic), put your on napkin and start chewing at that plan until you bring it to fruition.


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