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How to Get a Hot Girlfriend: 10 Traits That Girls Look For in a Guy

How to Get a Hot Girlfriend

Ever wondered why blue-collar workers go through one dating drought after another whilst Rock Stars and Magicians have a hard time keeping their tour Buses from getting runover by hot blondes, brunettes and gingers?

Well, it’s not just because they’re “seemingly” financially stable and have good social status. It’s also because they put in a good amount of time and attention to their grooming, personality, physique, and because they naturally radiate assertiveness, confidence, and leadership.

Toss in a good sense of humor, a charming personality, a few commonalities, a few “psychic abilities” and some “good conversation” into the mix, and you pretty much become Prince Charming 2.0 for whoever’s lost a glass slipper.

But instead of a Big Pumpkin, you might wanna consider calling a Limo or a Cab this time.


A couple of fun facts you wound’t wanna miss:

80% of the folks who put their violins and guitars to use within the first 2 years of their relationship end up having to “fly solo”.

Another fun fact is the amount of “STUD infections” the Universe rewards us with when we try to mess with her rulebook.  For instance, 1 in 3 people (nearly 1 in 2 adults) in the US have an “incurable” STUD infection (aka an STD) of some kind, with similar stats across many parts of the globe. And contrary to popular belief, latex mittens and socks don’t always keep us safe from “radiation”.

The only surefire precaution is in getting those “musical instruments” tested for “radioactivity” and “termites” before going anywhere near those “hotspots”.


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