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Feel Like You’re in The Wrong Job? Then Perhaps It’s Time to Redesign Your Life

redesign your life

Are you doing what you were put here on Earth to do?

Or would you rather be doing something else?

Take time to find your true calling. Often times it’s that dream you have in your heart, that’s been there for as long as you can remember and it doesn’t seem to be going away (even after a shower).

So, imagine for a moment that you had all the money in the World and that your mortgage and loans were fully paid for (legally). What would you be doing then (aside from eating all of those donuts)?

Your calling doesn’t always have to be inspired by love. You can also be driven by hate (the good kind of hate that is). The only two requirements are simply that you LOVE doing it day in and day out and that it makes a positive difference in other people’s lives.

For instance, maybe you hate the social prejudices spread by various forms of Commercial News Media like a plague. Or maybe you hate to see Children falling pray to their Parents poor choices and reliving those poor choices. Or maybe the fact that Cigarettes and Alcohol kill nearly 9 million people (including hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders) every year, just makes you sick. So, you’re determined to change the winds for one or more of these in a favorable direction, so that people (even on a small scale) will make the right choice by default.

The role you play doesn’t need to be anything ginormous. The CEO of the Universe has assigned different roles for each of us. And no one role is more important than another, much like the various components of a Piano or the talents of many individuals working in harmony to create a beautiful and invigorating melody.

So, maybe you’re passionate about healthy foods and you’ve always wanted to open up a restaurant, where people can not only enjoy a beautiful meal with their Families but they get the added assurance of not having to go see a Doctor later that Evening.

Or maybe, you’ve always wanted to become a premarital relationship counselor, where you can make a positive difference in not only their lives but invariably in the lives of their Children (due to the copycat effect). But, whatever it is for you, as soon as you find it, grab it with both arms and run all the way to the finish line (ideally without smashing too many heads along the way).

Also keep in mind that often times, we have to show up at the wrong venue and get kicked out (possibly several times) in order to show up at the right venue. So, don’t be afraid to make decisions, even if they’re the wrong ones as the zigzagging is an important part of the process to ultimately reach your desired destination.

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