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5-Ways to Increase Your On Line Sales

On Line Sales

Sitting on a one-legged chair is not advisable for various reasons.
But if your Business is missing several pieces of the Online Revenue Puzzle, then that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Online revenue is all about Traffic and Conversions.
But Conversions only happen when you meet the necessary criteria:

1. Credibility – People want to know that the site is run by real humans and not an army of hamsters. So it helps to have a real phone number (along with a physical address) that they can reach you on.

Another piece to the “Credibility puzzle” is high-quality content. Your visitors judge your subject knowledge and dependability based on your content. So make your content helpful, accurate and concise. Video-based content works far much better in establishing credibility because it gives them the opportunity to know you and your team at a very personal level.

Back this up with some great testimonials (ideally video testimonials)
to leave your customers shimmering with delight.

2. Authority – Are you well-established/well-known in your niche? If not you may have to go the extra mile to let your audience know what makes you a legitimate authority.

It also helps to have been online for longer than a couple of days. This lets your site visitors know that you are not another “fly by night/hit and run” operation. If that’s not an option, why not invest in an “aged domain” that reflects how long you’ve been in Business? You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding domain names dating back as early as the late 90s. But if your Business is really prehistoric and you’ve been trading since the Dinosaur era then you may be out of luck.

3. Security – Have you taken the time to address all possible security vulnerabilities for your site? Or has it recently become the preferred vacation spot for mice?

Your website would need to be secure enough for your clients to entrust their sensitive information and Business with.

4. Value – Why should visitors buy from you? What makes you different to all the other fuzzy wombats? Value is not about beating your competition on price. It’s about making your offer irresistibly sweet even if you were to charge many times the standard rates. And in order to do that, you should have a strong enough selling point to leave your competition sobbing.
Many people are more than willing to break their piggy banks for a significantly better quality product or service any day.

5. Rapport – Does your website have a number they could reach you on any time of the day? Or perhaps a live chat feature? Sometimes people just wanna “talk to someone”before they buy something.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you have to be available around the clock or have employees working in their pajamas next to a coffee machine, even though that’s not such a bad idea if you wanna really WOW your customers.

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