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7 Positive Thinking Techniques to Rinse Away Any Negativity from Your Mind

positive thinking techniques
Are you tuned into the right frequency?

News Media thrives from feeding our fears and insecurities. Therefore, what we see in the news today is as an accurate a representation of the World as judging a racehorse solely by his ass.

If the economy was as bad as they say it is,then we’ll very likely be having our neighbor’s Pets for breakfast, some grass for lunch and maybe something a little more light for dinner like fingernails. And if every Dingo on the planet were really out to steal your babies, seeing a cute and furry little creature walking by your front lawn would be enough to get us hospitalized for years.

Commercial News Media are forced to do this because:

1) It gives our “fight and flight response” mechanism (that’s been on vacation since the cave age times) something to do

2) It makes us feel better about their circumstances at the expense of someone else

3) It gives us a good excuse to justify their current circumstances

4) It reinforces our beliefs about the folks we already have preconceived notions and prejudices about

And if anyone ever makes the mistake of coming up with a piece of news that’s even remotely inspiring or makes the mistake of pointing the camera two inches away from all the horror and dismay to reveal a fuller picture, they’ll either get fired the next day or get sent to a nearby Zoo as a side dish for the Lions.

This is why it’s important not to allow other people and especially News Media to dump their daily trash collection straight into our minds.

So, what do you do with the trash that’s already gotten in there?
That’s easy. Just flush it out with some of the“good stuff”.

And here’s a list of some of the“Good stuff”, that’s proven to remove just about any “mind stain” or virus that’s affected you at some stage:

1. Motivational and Inspirational Seminars, Books and Audiobooks

2. Uplifting TV programs (these are almost as rare as Unicorns with mustaches these days)

3. Comedies that just leave you breathless with laughter

4. Daily exercise (Cation: this may also make you even more good looking and healthy.)

5. Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds (the right nutrients, accelerate the flushing process)

6. Daily meditation (like Bruce Lee used to say “Empty your mind, Be formless and shapeless, like water”).

7. A Water feature (or several in the household). The sound of water washes away your cares, fears, worries, bad hairstyles, excess lipstick and even some of that “Media Muck”

But, for these to be effective, they must be done every day (even in light doses)for months and ideally years.

However, if you let your mind do its own thing, it’s gonna try very hard to tune into those “juicier” channels, when you’re not paying attention.

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