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14 Things You Can Do to Make Our Planet More Echo Friendly, Gecko Friendly and Eco Friendly

Echo Friendly

Does your trash have a habit of wandering off by itself?

Regardless of where we are on the planet, our Environment is the single entity that’s woven together like one giant hairball. By taking good care of it now, we give our future generations the opportunity of enjoying it too (the Planet, not the hairball).

Now, I am not suggesting that you get rid of all your light bulbs and start walking around with burning torches or that you replace your entire wardrobe with straw designer wear or that you get yourself a miniature sized Donkey with a good sense of direction to get you back and forth from work.

But, what I am saying is that we can make a “reasonable” contribution to Mother Nature, by playing a more environment-friendly role in our everyday lives. So, here are a few simple suggestions to get you started:

1.Bring in the Sunshine – Minimize the use of light bulbs during the day. Besides, the extra Sun exposure will help you sleep like a Baby at night.

2. Choose daylights over regular bulbs – Daylight Bulbs not only enhance your mood and save you a ton of money, but they also save a considerable amount of energy

3. Boil the right amount of water – Why waste money and energy on what you don’t use?

4.Only use the Washing Machine and Dishwasher when they have a full load

5.Prevent the tap from dripping when not in use

6.Pick up after yourself both at home and elsewhere – Let your kids see what you’re doing. But just as importantly tell them WHY you’re doing it. Even if they don’s ask the question, they’re very likely racking their brains out with curiosity.

Kids are just copycats,recording in fine detail, everything they see and hear. And, when they’re left to their own devices, they’ll do exactly what you did at one time, with or without reasoning. But when you back your deeds with reasoning, those “habits”pretty much become ingrained into their psyche.

7.Use the recycling carts provided at all times

8.Recycle printable paper and do double-sided printing whenever possible

9.Trade your gas guzzler with an electric or a hybrid

10.Walk or Cycle instead of driving. But if you’re too lazy, get your Dog or Cat to give you a ride.

11.Maximize your energy saving options on tech devices inc your Cellphone, PC, and Tablet

12.Give away stuff that you don’t use much, when they’re still in good condition

13.Go Raw – Switching over to raw foods (fresh fruits, veggies, greens, nuts, and seeds) is possibly the surest way to lose weight and improve your health and vitality at the same time. And on top of all that you reduce the carbon footprint on our fluffy little blue planet

14.Say goodbye to freezers – One of the additional perks of eating raw foods is not needing a freezer at any time. That’s a huge energy saver in itself as an All Refrigerator can preserve all your fresh produce well, even at the minimum setting.

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