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How to Declutter Your Mind (Inside and Out): 12 Steps to Losing 1000lbs Of Worry Off Your “Mind”

How to declutter your mind

A cluttered surrounding is the first symptom of a cluttered mind

But when you change the outside, it also changes how you feel on the inside.

So here’s how you clear away all that clutter and debris from your life (both inside and out):

1. Throw out or donate anything you haven’t used in over a year – Whenever you “store away” something in the house or elsewhere, a carbon copy gets emailed over to your brain as well.

2. Throw or donate any clothing that you had worn for more than 2 years – This might sound a bit over the top, but refreshing your closet every 2 years also refreshes your mental state considerably. You can keep a couple of the “expensive items” if need be.

3. Replace all your bed linen, curtains, every 2-3 years

4. Repaint your home once every 5 years

5. Keep everything in your house, including the mirrors and windows clean, chirpy and sparkly at all times.

6. Dress and groom well both at work and at home. If you’re not happy with the person looking back at you in the mirror, either change yourself or the mirror

7. Clean up your Car, Cat, Office, Pockets, anything you may have stored for safe keeping between your teeth and any programs that you don’t regularly use on your PC etc.

8. Simplify your surrounding as much as possible. Don’t ever use more than 25% of your wall space or floor space for anything. And if you’re renting any part of the ceiling space to spiders and they haven’t paid their rent in a while, give them an eviction notice and very gently kick their butts out

9. Meditate for 30 minutes a day – Meditation, once you build a level of competency in it, is like flushing your mind out of all it’s debris. Start out with something effortless, try “Life Flow”.

10. Go for a 15 minute SLOW walk every day – Daily exercise flushes away any “clutter” and “stress” that builds up over the course of the day. And aim to increase the duration of your walk every week by 5 minutes, until you reach a total of 30 minutes. Then start increasing your walking speed in small increments each week until you have built it up to a solid power walk

11. Switch to Fresh Produces (ideally RAW) for 6 days a week – Raw foods when combined with some daily exercise and a glass of water every hour not only restores your youth in as little as a few months, but it also makes you insanely healthy, energetic and trim over time. It also serves as a barrier to keep away a good amount of the clutter that gets delivered to your brain with your name on it.

12. Stop watching the News for good – News Media make their living by collecting all the juiciest pieces of trash from all around the globe and dumping them all straight into your living room. Not a pretty sight.

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