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Religious Ethics Vs Religious Politics (The BIG Dilemma Facing Most Popular Religions Today)

religious ethics

Don’t be a victim of hearsay and of News Media, who thrive on fueling your doubts, worries, and fears.

Our Creator lives in the hearts of every soul who have the “LOVE FOR HUMANITY” in them, regardless of their ethnicity, color, religion or the shape of their ears.

In fact, he created diversity as an opportunity for us to “love one another and grow”, not for us to sell our souls to the Devil at $5.95 a pop.

Besides, if that wasn’t part his “plan”, water in a faraway land would have a chemical composition like H3PO or H2D2. And taste something like Lemonade or Cola. And the heat of “their Sun”, would leave scorch marks all over their butts.

So, if you too wanna experience the Goodness of your Creator in a way that you never thought possible, start by playing nice with every little Kitten, Puppy and bewildering human you come across (including the “nasty ones”), start giving away 10% of your net income every month a charity that helps other “humans” (particularly Children) in need. And set aside a few minutes every day to thank your Amazing Creator for all the great things he’s done in your life so far (however menial they may seem). Again you don’t need a religion for all this (believe it or not). Put your “Chairman” to the test by using this simple formula. Then when he shows up in your life, serve him with everything you’ve got. Besides you’re getting the better half of the deal.

If you wanna read about the whole “Supernatural 4G” system (i.e. the language that your Creator genuinely understands), go here:


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