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Are You a Short Term Goals Person or a Long Term Goals Person? Or Both? Or Neither?

short term goals

Don’t stop, thinking about tomorrow, cos it’ll soon be here!


A single Gold Medal won’t set you up for life.

Sure you’ll get some prize money, a ton of handshakes, a few hugs, a rubber ducky and maybe even some endorsement deals to keep those bill float. But that only lasts for as long as you’re standing in the Winner’s podium.

Life is one big Marathon. If you stop running in the middle of it to make a quick call or for you to pull out your beach chair to admire the view, you’ll get left behind or even get run over.

Besides, back in the day (before we had any technology), the only retirement option they had was to get served up as a meal a snack for some mean looking chipmunk. Maybe, our Creator was trying to tell us something when he came up with that “design”.



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