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Small Things Make a Big Difference

Small Things Make a Big Difference

It’s always the little things that bite ya.

If you’ve ever had a flat tire, you would know that it was probably caused by a nail, a spike, a toothpick, a hairpin, a tie pin or by a miniaturized pickaxe belonging to a hedgehog. It could also be the result of something you had for breakfast. Regardless of what it is, you wouldn’t for one second suspect the big old shady looking Giraffe that was watching the whole thing go down from 10 yards away.

As such, many of the culprits behind much of the chaos in our world including many of its cooking disasters, financial disasters, relationship disasters, fashion disasters and even ethnic and religious disputes were all caused by a fleet of “little bugs” that over time grew into dragon flies and ultimately into fire breathing dragons.

These “bugs” affect us all in some form or another. But if we leave the issues unattended, or even know where the little critters are lurking, they can just as easily take over our ships (i.e. our lives) and even rip a hole through the hull.

So, the question is, have any of these “bugs” already boarded your ship? If so, how big of a hole have they ripped through your hull? The following list should help you determine just that.

  1. Minor distractions during workhours
  2. Pennies spent on random things
  3. Little chocolate dollars that magically show up in the kitchen cupboard
  4. Little notes and gifts we forget to buy for our spouse
  5. Small compliments we forget to give our spouse every day
  6. Minutes or even Seconds spent arguing over little things that don’t matter
  7. Little parts we forget to fit in the assembly line
  8. Small spots and creases in our clothing that gets overlooked
  9. Minor compromises and adjustments made during workouts
  10. Little vices that our Kids pick up (from us) and make lifetime habits out of
  11. Little cigarettes that lead to wrinkles, tooth decay, hair loss, amputations, cancer and even death
  12. Little alcohol shots that put us to sleep in the “wrong bed”
  13. Minor cracks in the Swimming Pool that makes you feel like something’s missing (like Water perhaps)
  14. Extra drops of hot chili sauce that remind us of ancestors we hadn’t even met
  15. Tiny areas of our teeth that our toothbrush had never seen
  16. Little zeros we forget to add to our price labels,
  17. Tiny “seemingly harmless” sleeping pills that instantly increases our mortality rate
  18. Little prejudicial thoughts that sneak into our minds through News Broadcasts that eventually grow into significantly hairy issues
  19. A little thumbs up gesture used in public (in a culture where it means something offending) getting us fed to the Lions.
  20. A Pilot of a commercial aircraft turning up one tiny minute late after the scheduled departure time

If you let enough of these bugs infiltrate your life for long enough, your lifestyle and all your relationships would soon be able to fit into one little igloo or even one tiny suitcase. If that’s not happened already, then there’s still time to turn it all around. You can still get it back even if you had been downsized to fit a suitcase. But it’s a much bigger pain in the butt (as you can imagine).


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