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Unorthodox Strategies to Resolve Conflict

Strategies to Resolve Conflict

Avoid conflict like a plague.

Many people look for conflict for a number of reasons:

  • Maybe they don’t like what you’re saying.
  • Maybe they don’t like the way you look.
  • Maybe they don’t like who or what you represent.
  • Maybe you’re making them look bad or inadequate.
  • Maybe you sneezed on their jacket a week ago and didn’t realize it.
  • Maybe they feel threatened by your success or potential.
  • Maybe they’re afraid of the fact that you’re just… different.
  • Or Maybe they’re just looking for someone that looks like a “human garbage can” for them to dump all their problems and worries onto (much like what Mainstream News Media does to us everyday).

Whatever it is, it’s safe to assume that they’re definitely NOT looking to tell you (or the World) how awesome you are. Or how great your Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Spouse or Friend is.

So, whenever you see a “conflict seeker” heading your way (you can usually spot them by the number of cringles between their eyes), your best bet is to start walking (or running) in the other direction.

If you’ve ever tried having a meaningful conversation with a Guard Dog, then you know that they’re not the most understanding and communicative bunch to talk to.

That’s because “guard dogs” (and anyone else that fits the bill) always starts a conversation with a predetermined outcome (and that’s the out most favorable to “them”). So, by walking away (quietly) you could potentially be saving yourself from a “rabies shot” or two.

Now, if you’ve ever had misfortune of getting stuck in an elevator with someone like that, then your best course of action is to just listen and agree with whatever they say, even if they tell you that Kangaroos carry their cellphones in their pouch. But, avoid signing anything or saying anything that is “legally binding”, as that could potentially cost you everything aside from your cereal boxes, mug and your pet Turtle (if you have one of those).

It’s just so much easier, painless and blood pressure friendly to put out a fire with water or lemonade, than it is to battle it with gasoline. It could be a whole lot “cheaper” too.


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