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Walk in prepared!

Ever lost a job interview because you were too busy admiring your nails?

Fail an exam as a result of spending too many “educational hours” in front of the TV?

Lose a football match because you were too busy playing the “watered down” version of it on a gaming console?

Or get dumped by an ex, even though you thought you were the Cat’s meow?

Well, that’s because you walked in completely blindfolded without even realizing it.

Even though our Ancestors got by “walking blindfolded” for centuries with a minimal amount of accidents (due to the lack of a “automobiles” and strollers back in their days), we can’t afford to do that anymore because the rules in the game of life had gotten rewritten a hundred times over.

We don’t have to either, because every aspect in the game of life now comes with a “playbook” that most people are oblivious to, whether it’s health, wealth, romance, kids, kittens, puppies, zebras, driving, swimming, meditating, martial arts or alligator wrestling.

And, if we don’t take the time to familiarize ourselves with the rules and guidelines (and then play by them), we lose…big time. 

You don’t fix everything around the house because they look “easy to fix” (or you’ve seen MacGyver do it on TV). Or walk a tightrope just because you’ve seen a few people do it before (even if someone promises to pay you “afterwards”).  

So, if success is what you’re after, then get into the habit of walking in “totally prepared”…to everything. And never leave anything to chance. 


Preparation is best done by learning from the experts who have gone before you. World Class Athletes are produced by World class Coaches and Trainers, not Moms and Dads. Also, spending 90+ years “trying to figure things on your own” isn’t always the best option (unless of course you’re preparing for a sports event that’s happening a hundred years from now).


A great place to start is Amazon or YouTube. You can learn a ton of good (and useful) stuff by punching in a few simple “how to” search queries into YouTube (Google, Bing or Yahoo). You could also zoom over to Amazon (the website not the rainforest) and make your queries there. With Amazon, you have a higher chance of receiving solutions and resources that have been time, weather and puppy tested. If something’s worked really well for another 10,000 other people, it’s a “reasonable bet” that it’ll work for you too.

You could also use Amazon to find remedies for a number of medical conditions as well, although you should always consult a physician first.

With regards to Amazon reviews, stick with the “Verified purchase” reviews whenever possible as some sellers acquire good reviews by offering free samples, discounts, cookies and the occasional Pizza. 


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