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We Can Stay Young Forever by Practicing These 2 Daily Habits

We Can Stay Young Forever

Time to move on?

If your ambition and drive aren’t what they used to be or your dentures keep falling off, then perhaps it’s time for a career change.

But, if what you’re lacking is just vitality and stamina, then you can easily halve your biological age and flood your system with boatloads of energy by switching everything you eat for six solid days with RAW foods. I am talking raw fruits, veggies, greens, nuts, and seeds here, not RAW hamsters and gerbils. You can certainly do the “raw gerbil” thing if you’re auditioning for an episode of V the TV Series. 

If you don’t feel like going all “raw” and “native”right away start out with a daily scoop of Lean Greens instead , a green powder supplement that’ll give your engines a little shake and wiggle. Sure. It won’t exactly taste anything like a milkshake. But it won’t feel like you’re munching grass next to a Cow either. I normally have a big scoop of Lean Greens with 8-10 oz of 100% pure coconut water everyday. As per the number of calories, it’s pretty much the equivalent of 2 bugs bunny carrots.

If you’re struggling with “stamina”, get yourself a “lung expander” and start making your lungs a little “puffier”. Okay. It doesn’t exactly “expand” or “inflate” your lungs. But it does help you to go longer and further (at just about anything you can think about including knitting). Obviously if your legs (and everything around it) are out of shape you’ll also need to get into a daily (but easy) workout regimen. And then gradually build up your strength too.

But the lung expander (ironically called “Expand-A-Lung”) will take care of the breathing part for you. More likely it’ll prevent you from gassing out 2 seconds into a workout. I use this myself 20-30 minutes a day for 5 days a week. In fact, in as little 10 months I have probably doubled or even tripped my “breathing stamina”. And that’s in my forties. So, when I reach my seventies I should be able jog around the moon once a day. And still feel “tireless”.

The beauty of the “expand-a-lung” is really in it’s “resistance gauge”. Turn it anticlockwise all the way and with the right outfit anyone would mistake you to be Darth Vader. However, aside from the “fear factor”, it doesn’t do much else. But the second you tighten the gauge one notch by turning it clockwise, things start to “kick in”. Dial it up one more notch and you instantly become the next Ghost Whisperer.  So you guessed it, the higher the setting, the more effective it becomes. But start with the lowest setting and “gradually” make your way up. This will help keep the cussing down to the bear minimum. It might also be a good idea to tilt your head back a little when you’re using this (unless you’re planning on wearing a bib or something).

Lastly don’t forget to drink at least 1 glass of water every hour. It’s the finest “medicine” and form of fuel you can ever reward your body with. And in my opinion, it’s also the best weight loss aid ever created too (provided you don’t also munch on cheesecakes and pizzas alongside). 

Now, if you do ALL of the above, you’ll soon have your engines purring like a happy kitten. You’ll also start feeling a lot lighter too (without actually floating around).


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