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What Men like in Women: Essential Information for Ladies

What Men like in Women

How do many Men become Monkeys overnight?

Every Woman wants a real Man with real teeth and fangs, whose confident, resilient, strong, deliciously cute, wears his shoes the right way around, has a good social status, great manners, a good sense of humor and a bottomless Bank Account.

The problem is, that “parchment of requirements” doesn’t end there. It also has another 11925 requirements on it, of which 11,000 of them require him to be a Woman.

Now, since there’s no man alive (on this planet) who’s able to check off even 20 of those requirements, she’ll often do the second-best thing which is to find someone who checks off her Top 10 requirements. Then after a few dates, she’ll reach for her trusty Bonsai Tools and start sculpting, chiseling, snipping, cropping and pruning him into the desired shape.

And as soon as his makeover is done and the veil is removed, she’ll have herself one handsome looking…. Monkey, whose ready and willing to perform any of her tricks at will.

So, what happened to the “Man”?  Well, he fled the crime scene even before the surgery began.

As Dr. Ellen Kreidman so brilliantly put it:
“A Man falls in love with a Woman for the way he feels about himself when he’s with her”

So, start treating the Man in your life (or the Man who’s planning to ask you out right now) like a real Man. And treat him with the unconditional love, respect, freedom and dignity, he truly deserves. Oh, and limit your list of “prerequisites” down to 7 as well. That way you’ll not only get to keep him for life, but he’ll also be the kind of Man who’ll cheerfully take a bullet for you anytime, any day, anywhere.

That’s because despite his many flaws, a Man’s main mission in life is to keep the Lady of his life happy in his own “idiotic way”, even if it costs him a few toes, eyebrows and an ear along the way.


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