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Non Passive Income vs Monthly Residual Income

Non Passive Income

Already have a money tree?

If you don’t start growing one today.

It’s as simple as starting a blog or a Youtube channel. Or planting a few dollar bills in your backyard (if the soil is fertile enough).

Your Blog and YouTube channel should be woven around your identity and message. You could then add a little tab (or a page) to your site recommending a handful of products and services that have made a profound difference in your life. The important thing is to make whatever you recommend there sincere, ethical and something that won’t land your customers in jail. The videos should follow a similar theme.

Once you have all the Lego pieces lined up and have your site “cranking on full throttle”, you can start syndicating your posts and videos through your Social Media channels for the extra exposure.

Now, with regards to “cloaked” affiliate links, you may wanna limit those to your “product recommendation pages” whenever possible. If you start sprinkling affiliate links all over the place, it’s soon gonna look and smell like “cat litter”.  So, you might wanna keep it on the downlow so as to not upset the entire Cat community.  Excessive external linking also has a detrimental effect on your Search Engine Optimization score (i.e. the scoring system used by Search Engines to determine the ranking of your site for a specific term/terms based on its merits and any ‘votes’ accumulated).

Now, each of the videos and blogposts you publish should also carry some kind of call to action, that helps steer your prospects toward the next phase (i.e. the next phase of the “sales process”, not the next phase of their life or afterlife). For instance, what do you want them to do once they get done with your article or video? Do you want them to join your mailing? Do you want them to watch the next video or read a related article? Do you want them to buy something you’re selling? Or do you want them to wiggle their ears in delight? Whatever your preferred call to action is this is where you need to state it, briefly and firmly, but in a non-threatening manner. The same principle applies to your social media posts.

When the traffic to your social media channels and site start building up, then every product recommendation you make, every sales funnel you build, every opt-in box you introduce to your site and every “meaningful” call to action you inject into your site, all become “branches” of your money tree each with the potential of flourishing into independent and residual income streams of their own. And the coolest part about this money tree is that it doesn’t require any fertilizer.


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