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Cognitive Development in Early Childhood: Some Helpful Insights

Cognitive Development in Early ChildhoodHas your TV got a remote control pointed at your butt or the butts of your family members?

Our affinity for TV is something we develop from the time we move into our very first hotel suite with 24/7 room service called the “Mother’s womb”.  And since the “womb” isn’t equipped with a volume control or even a mute button, we’re kinda “forced into” listening to whatever the Mom is watching on TV.

Kids basically develop their taste buds, their pot bellies, their good and bad habits all from the input they receive. And primarily from what their Parents do and say every minute of every day.

That means, if they get accustomed to seeing their family worshiping that rectangular shaped electronic box called a TV every day, that pretty much what they start doing themselves.

So, how do you break the pattern?

You break the pattern by “changing your lifestyle” and by “changing the options” that’s available for EVERYONE to access in the household.  When you make “family time” (as in quality facetime) a higher priority in your life that automatically becomes their “new identity” (provided you don’t wait till they turn 30 to do this). We have ALL the power in the world over their habit patterns, before the age of 6. After that a lot of “our programming” starts cementing in place. This is an “internal process” though. So, you don’t have to worry about any of your Kids turning into “concrete blocks” anytime soon. You can also use this “sponge brain phase” to get them into the habit of enjoying face-to-face family time with each other, as opposed to the faceless family time trend most people are used to.

Now, when you start changing things around things can get rickety very quickly, if all you do is “eliminate” what’s not ideal. Instead get into the business of “trading” or even “upgrading” what’s already there “strategically”. For instance, if you eliminate an unhealthy food item, replace it with two or more “healthy” food items that aren’t entirely disgusting. If you get rid of several cable channels, try introducing a family friendly Netflix account (or Amazon prime account) to the home that would more than compensate for the “loss”.

Kids live much of their formative years and their youth in “discovery mode”. So, the more options they have available to them, the more likely they are to make a healthy (and favorable) choices. It’s better to have them shop for “life options” through the 200,000-page catalogue you provide them with, as opposed to having them shop around in dark alleys for better options themselves.

The surest way to ensure that they buy from YOUR catalogue of life is to ensure that your home is the safest haven there is for them. And it’s place full of love, joy, happiness and unity that’s free of ALL forms of criticism, blame and snarly faces. That way, it wouldn’t become their last resort, after having tried all the drugs in the market.


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