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Are You a Workholic, A Workaholic or A Work O Holic? Here’s the Remedy.


Are you married to your work?

Life is more zesty and purposeful when it’s balanced.

Whilst there are certain projects that require more time and effort to get them off the ground, your primary focus should always be on taking care of your health and the well-being and happiness of your loved ones (Spouse, Kids, Kangaroos, Pet Alligators etc).

No amount of success, shiny badges of recognition and financial solidarity will amount to anything, if you lose either or both in the process.

So, carve out a third of your time to spend with your loved ones, devote the second third toward rest (i.e. sleep) and restoration (i.e. fitness, meditation,hopping, finger wiggling etc) and splash the remainder on building your benevolent empire. Arr!


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