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Am Ia Good Employee? 7 Steps to Make Yourself Invaluable to Your Company

Am Ia Good Employee

Are you a valuable commodity or a replaceable piece of furniture?

When a ship out at Sea hits troubled waters and is fighting hard to stay afloat, the first thing they do is hurl out their least valuable cargo, including their Captain’s rubber duck collection.

So, how do you make yourself such an exquisite collector’s item, that your Employer simply can’t get rid of? Here’s how:

1.Go in early to work

2.Work every minute that you work

3.Get the work done faster and accurately

4.Be helpful and friendly to everyone you meet (to the Boss’s Pomeranian in particular)

5.Be the last person to leave the building (preferably before the lights go out)

6.Never complain (even if you get paid to do it)

7.Be grateful for the job that you have every single day

This not only puts you at the bottom of the “to be fired” list of employees, but it also puts you at the top of “the most likely persons to be promoted” list.


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