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Is There a Payoff for Being a Considerate Person? Does It Come with Tax Breaks?

considerate person

Keep your virtues in your front pocket wherever you go. And leave your vices tightly locked up in the trunk.

Sometimes we do things without taking other people’s thoughts and feelings into consideration.

So, it helps to reverse roles for a second and ask yourself a couple of helpful questions:

  • “How would I feel if someone did or say that to me?”  and
  • “Is what I am doing adding value to their lives? Or is it affecting their blood pressure instead?”.

Every good deed and act of discipline, however small, and whoever the recipient, goes straight into our Supernatural Bank account (an account that’s been preregistered for us since the day we were born, regardless of the religion or the shape of our noses). Likewise, every time we respond with our vampire fangs and claws, it deducts the appropriate funds from our accounts. These funds are instrumental in determining our lucky breaks, favorable circumstances and favorable “coincidences” and in keeping us safe from a hundred thousand things that are constantly looking to “eat us alive” or at the very least are trying to bite us in the butt.

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