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The Answer to The BIG Question: “When will I die?”

When will I die

Your time and service on Earth are not over until you get a call from your Maker on your Cell that goes something like “Times up Buddy. Give a quick wave goodbye, smile and do one last back flip. Then fasten your seat-belt for the trip ahead”

In other word, there’s no such thing as a “retirement”. If you retired from your workplace, then that just marks the end of yet another chapter of your life, much like graduating from College. So the question really is, what will your next chapter be?

Have you always wanted to start your own business but never had the “time” to get around to doing it? Then, now is the time to start.

Perhaps you wanted to travel the World or visit every relative even remotely associated with your family. Maybe you’ve always wanted to compete in a marathon, a triathlon or in an alligator wrestling tournament. Or Maybe you had always wanted to visit the State Prison to see if they had caught any of those Baby Stealing Dingoes.

Bring to life all the dreams that you once thought were beyond your reach.
Let your retirement be your ticket to LIVE the life that you’ve always wanted to live. Besides, once you get going, you’ll be far too busy to die.


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