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How to Brainstorm Ideas from The Comfort of Your Couch

How to Brainstorm Ideas

Often times our brilliant ideas are just sitting at the bottom of our brains just waiting for a little stir to bring them to the surface.

Brainstorming plays the role of the big wooden spoon that makes this possible. Then all you have to do is grab the idea, give it a little shake, leave it out to dry in the Sun for a little while and put it on paper when it’s ready

So, take about an hour each day to plan out your day properly from beginning to end. And another hour on the weekend to plan out the week/coming month.
When you just sit still in complete silence with no distractions and interruptions for about an hour or so, your mind goes into a relaxed state, free from inhibitions, worry, stress and dancing monkeys. THIS is where the magic happens.

You can use the same process to visualize tasks being done from start to finish beforehand as this not only multiplies your productivity, but it also makes the execution of those tasks relatively effortless. In fact, many champion Athletes use this strategy to bag themselves more gold medals when they’re running low on “paperweights” at home.


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