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Cute Romantic Movies: Let’s Start by Writing Yours First (Starting Right Now)

Cute romantic movies

Carve out some alone time for the two of you to get away from the Kids, Cats, and all other hairy distractions.

When we have kids, we often place a greater emphasis on them. And our spouses very slowly start sinking into the background much like wallpaper or furniture. We don’t do that intentionally (for the most part). But it happens nonetheless.

So, at least once every two Months, handcuff your kids, read them their rights and hand them over to your trustworthy Nanny to take good care of them; while you and your lovely Spouse, jump into your Getaway vehicles and ride out into the Sunset for the most Romantic weekend you can ever imagine.

Aside from saving your relationship, it also means that your Kids will one day do the same. Yep. Our kids are like video cameras on legs. They record everything they see (and hear) from the day they are born. Then when they get “their turn”, they start living those “episodes” in an almost identical manner. As per all the things you told them not to do, but you did yourselves, they’ll be sure to do too.


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