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Guard Your Mind (and Your Loved Ones) from the Negative Affect of “News Media”

Guard your mind

When was the last time you felt like a million bucks after reading or watching the news?

“Commercial” News Media make their bucks by collecting the juiciest trash from all around the World and dumping them straight into our living rooms.

It doesn’t just ruin your day.
It makes the Dog depressed.
It makes the Cat personalize more furniture around the house.
It makes the Parrot say stuff that it was never trained to say.
It makes us believe that every single person with a fluffy beard and big eyebrows is up to no good.
And that the World economy could be shutting down anytime within the hour.
And that it’s safer to paddle a boat overseas than to take a plane.
It also makes us believe that the last Potato we have left in the World is the one we have sitting in our Kitchen table.

So, switch it OFF! Right now!

And watch something more REALISTIC and awesome like a Video on Seminar or a Great Comedy.
Life is so much sweeter and merrier when we feed our minds with the RIGHT stuff! And disconnect ourselves from the doom and gloom which represent far less than 1% of the reality we live in today.


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