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Identifying and Eliminating the Bottleneck Effect in Your Business and Personal Life

bottleneck effect

Who/What is blocking your flow?

Identify and eliminate your bottlenecks early.

Say you’re competing in a Formula One and when you come in for a quick Pit Stop, you notice that one of the guys changing the tires is more preoccupied with his Coffee than in getting the job done. And that ultimately contributes to you finishing the race in the lead position, from the back of the line. So, that big Latte lover thus becomes the Bottleneck that hinders the project.

In the same way, if a fan showed up for an autograph, while you were waiting at the Pit Stop and stuck a chewing gum on your rear view mirror when you weren’t watching, then that chewing gum becomes a further bottleneck.

Bottlenecks aren’t always external factors, though. If you started the day off with a runny nose, your performance would then become dependent upon how many tissues you had to reach for during the race. And upon the number of sneezes that blew you offtrack.


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