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Are You an Avid Auditory Learner? Or a 24 7 Music Buff?

Auditory Learner

Love music in light doses. But don’t make an unpaid part-time career out of “listening” to it.

I pretty much used to listen to music around the clock. I even had a pair of shoes that used to whistle along.

But when life decided to tickle me out of my wits, I pretty much became a seminar junkie, starting with Tony Robbins and Ellen Kreidman. That wasn’t just a light bulb moment. It was more like a warehouse full of bulbs being lit up at the same time.

And sadly around the time I switched to seminars, I had to also retire those music crazed shoes as well. They just refused to budge without the beat.

Now, the Seminars didn’t magically transform me into someone completely different like it did for Steven Rogers who only had to step into a pod to be transformed into a much chunkier, taller and stronger Captain America.
What they did do however is light the fire within and show me the staircase to freedom in just about every aspect of my life.

Oh, they may have also inadvertently helped me to overcome depression, self-doubt, laziness and a few other dozen“minor” drawbacks. And for a guy who had believed that people just fell into better lives straight from the clouds and had worked at minimum wage for a good part of his life, it was kind of a big deal.

It was almost like a Vampire discovering that he/she has fangs and coming to the realization that they no longer had to settle for takeaway or microwaved meals.

And once the Seminars took over my psyche, they just then kept on cleaning and vacuuming the insides of my mind (including those very dusty corners) until I was pushed into becoming someone brand new.

And that’s precisely what they’ll do for you as well when you make the “switch” from Entertainment to Education. But more than switching stations, it’s about grabbing nibble sized applicable ideas from those seminars/books/audiobooks and then embedding them into your daily routine that leads to your transformation.

So, substitute as many of your “Entertainment sessions” into “Educational experiences”and get your journey underway. That includes the time that you’re on the road, standing on your head and time spent talking to pets who don’t have a clue what you’re saying half the time anyway.

However, refrain from being “plugged in” whenever you’re on foot and near vehicles or wild animals (squirrels in particular as they can really trip you up).

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