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3 Stress Management Activities That Will Leave You on a “Natural High” All Day Long

Stress Management Activities

How do you kick the asses of troublesome worries, anxieties, lack of self-esteem and confidence? Easy. Meditate a little every day!

The type of “Meditation” you choose to commit to is entirely up to you,just as long as it helps you to breathe slowly and deeply (without snoring). But if you’re new to Meditating then consider starting out with a session of “life flow”,which is sort of the plug and play alternative to meditation that does near enough the same thing. And with daily repetition, you’ll be able to lighten your state of mind to the point of it feeling like a helium balloon. Then from that point on, your mind is pretty much immune to whatever goes on around you. So your Cat could be prepping for the upcoming Opera and your Dog may have gotten trapped in the dryer but your world would be in a complete state of bliss.

Now the meditation does wonders on its own. But wouldn’t it be so much awesome if you had a blank canvas to paint those new “thought patterns” onto?

Well, strangely enough, you can. Much like formatting a flash drive and rerecording stuff on it, you can create this blank canvas out of thin air by starting the day off with a solid 30-60 minute workout, followed up with a relaxing shower.

The workout helps chip away any stress left from the day before. The shower then washes away the debris. And the Meditation adds on a nice coat of blissfulness and serenity that stays cemented for hours on end.

But if you are looking for the whole 3D floating experience with the best surround bliss effects in town, then you’ll need to take charge of what goes in your body as well.

What goes in your body changes how you feel. So if you gave it a bunch of Corn Dogs, Doughnuts, and Sodas, you’ll feel like a maniac on the floor for a short while and then feel all shook up for the rest of the day.

So, consider switching everything you eat for 6 days a week to fresh produces such as fresh fruits, veggies, greens, nuts, seeds, eggs and olive oil. And aim to have everything raw (aside from the eggs of course) as it makes a night and day difference in your energy and vitality.

Raw food is as wild as energy gets. It just helps you keep on churning and chugging. And you might even drop a few pant sizes in the process (which might not be ideal if you just have a 10-inch waist).

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