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Best Exercise For Weight Loss + The 3 Step-Process to Kiss All Your Weight Worries Goodbye

Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Power walking and running workout your whole body all the way from your forehead to your toenails. It:

1.Relieves stress

2.Clears up your skin

3.Makes you slim and sexy

4.Strengthens your immune system

5.Strengthens your muscles and bones(so that they don’t crack like cookies with old age).

6.Keeps you buzzing on Endorphins (nature’s happy drug) all day long.

7.Boosts your productivity, performance, and stamina (not just after 9pm)

8.Helps you to sleep like a heavily sedated Baby

9.Gives you a natural boost to your appetite and taste buds and

10.It also gives you the Lottery numbers in your sleep


But exercise alone is about as effective as trying to clap with one hand. In other words, it’s not that effective.

So, if you do wanna see the results of your labor reflected in your physique as well (instead of someone else’s physique), then you’ll also need to change what you eat and start drinking a glass of water every hour as well.

As per what you eat, start by eliminating anything that has flour, sugar (except fruits), fur and salt. That means you’ll have to bid farewell to anything that comes in a can, bottle, carton or packet.

Then when you’re ready to step it up to the Energizer Bunny level of fitness, switch everything you eat to fresh produces such as raw Fruits, Veggies, Greens, Skim Milk, Eggs, and Seeds. And upgrade your daily Power Walks to something a little more fun and intense like P90X3.

These efforts, when combined, will do wonders to your health and fitness regardless of your starting point. But this is the furthest thing from a magic bullet since it’s about feeding your body the right stuff and not about keeping you hungry, moody and growly. So, don’t expect this to deflate you entirely overnight or make you poop out more than half of your intestines in a week. But if you stick with it for just 6 months, you will see a sustainable transformation in how you look, feel and moonwalk.

Now, if all this sounds like too much of a leap for you right now,
then transition slowly by switching just one unhealthy/processed food per week with a healthier alternative.

You can do the same with your fitness regiment as well by starting out with a slow 10-minute walk around the block. And then increasing the duration and intensity of those walks over the course of several weeks until you’re able to whip through them while catching up on your reading.

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