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Taking Responsible Risks Vs Taking Dumb Risks

Taking Responsible Risks

Some risks are just not worth it.

There’s no growth without risk. That’s just a fact of life.

But every risk must be backed with some kind of risk-assessment and ideally with some cushioning to break the fall (and keep your teeth intact).

Don’t just leap and hope that the net will appear. can be BOLDER (and sensible at the same time) if your vision is backed with a Promise from your Creator.


Here’s how that works:

When you start being compassionate, kind, considerable and helpful to every single person you come across, start living a life of unconditional love and gratitude and give 10% each and every month to worthwhile charity, then within a few short months you will have dialed into the “Supernatural Frequency” of favor and abundance.

Yes. You’ll get an engaged tone the first few months around, but that’s only because your Creator wants to make sure that you’re not trying to pull the wool over his eyes. But, when he knows that you’re for real, you’re in the club.
And no, you don’t need a religion for this. Your Creator rewards EVERYONE who plays the game of life the right way, regardless of your faith.
He’s got a very fancy terminology for it, called ‘being fair’.

And, once you’re constantly tuned in, your Creator will assess your heart’s desires and make promises as your journey progresses.

For instance, maybe you’re out there on the web, just checking out some random pictures or perhaps just visiting a website that you visit regularly, and you come across a picture of the exact City or Town that you had always wanted to live in. And it just so happens, that the photo was taken on the same Day and Month as your Birthday.

Or maybe, you receive a vacation brochure in the mail, that you didn’t even order. And it happens to be that place that you had spoken so highly about just a few weeks ago. On top of that, the contact name on there happens to have the same name as you.

When it’s from your Creator, you’ll just know when you see it. But the caveat is that he doesn’t tell you WHEN he’ll bring it to pass. And it doesn’t make you completely immune to all the obstacles that come your way. But it does mean, he’ll start opening up doors and bringing the right people your way as soon as you take your first step.

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