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8 Vital Characteristics of a Good Employee: Plus Some Candid Insights About Job Security

Characteristics of a Good Employee

Are you secure at your place of work?

There’s no such thing as job security anymore. According to the Forbes Magazine, the average worker today stays at his or her job for just 4.4 years. And unlike back in the Dinosaur Era, very few people get to stay with a company all the way until retirement (even if they moved in next door and cooked breakfast for the Boss).


So what’s the solution?

1. Be the least likely person to get fired – When a Ship out at sea, hits troubled waters, they get rid of all their non-essential cargo. It works much the same way with Employees. Maybe they might not physically chuck the Employees out to Sea with a few Cereal Bars to last them a few days. But they would still have to work somewhere else.

So, the trick really is to move from the “Non-essential Employees” category to the “Essential Employees” category by:

i. Being the first person to show up at work,

ii. Being the last person to leave (even if you have to get dragged out the Building),

iii. Getting the work done faster than expected,

iv. Asking for more work and responsibility,

v. Being up to date on all company trends and training programs,

vi. Adhering to a Professional appearance and dress code all the times,

vii. Being friendly and helpful to both Clients, Colleagues, and the Boss’s Pets

viii. Never complaining about anything even if they run out of Coffee

Doing all of the above, not only secures your job (considerably) but it also makes you the most likely candidate to get promoted when the opportunity presents itself.

But it doesn’t make you immune to everything. The company itself can go Bankrupt or decide to outsource their work overseas or the Boss might retire and get his/her Pomeranian to manage all aspects of the business, which means that you would have to either get fed to the Boss’s piranhas or seek employment elsewhere.

2. Start your own Business – Starting your own business is the alternative and the only way to stop jumping from one hamster wheel to another. But it does have its share of both PROS and CONS.


The PROS are:

i. You get to be your own Boss,

ii. You get to pick the nature/type of your Business,

iii. You get to choose where and when you want to work and

iv. Your growth and income potential is uncapped.

v. You only pay taxes on your net profits

vi. You can take time off from work whenever you need to

vii. You get to live a rewarding life and make a lasting difference in many people’s lives


The CONS are:

i. 90% of all Startups fail,

ii. You become solely responsible for the overall outcome of the Business,

iii. Your income is not Guaranteed,

iv. You are bound by numerous legal obligations,

v. You are expected to put in a tremendous amount of work especially at the beginning,

vi. You become responsible for the hiring of Staff and for their safety,

vii. You only get to go home when the work gets done

So, if you are thinking of pursuing this option, consider starting out with something that carries very little risk such as a Multilevel Marketing opportunity that is already successful and resonates with your personality.

MLM opportunities are easier on the Budget because many of your overheads are eliminated right off the bat. In fact, you can get started with next to nothing. And if you sign up under a very successful Sponsor who is available and helpful, you can just ask them how they made it work for themselves and then do the same. With MLM you get the added benefit of sharing in the success of everyone who signs up under you.

But don’t make any Business Opportunity you affiliate with or promote, your last train stop because putting all your eggs in one Basket is never a pretty thought.

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