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3 Essential Ingredients to Help You Go from Being J.O.B (Just Over Broke) To Owning A Small Business

owning a small business

Are you getting your fair share of the pie?

Or it is pretty much a one-sided deal?

If you don’t feel that the scales are balanced right and that you’re living far below your true potential,then perhaps it’s time to stop being at the receiving end of the dart board (ouch) and start designing the life that you had always desired. And the only way to do that is to either Rob a Bank every fortnight (except during Holidays) or to start working for yourself.

Now, working for yourself can be a hauntingly scary place to be at in the beginning as it carries a certain element of risk. But you can minimize that risk by keeping your daytime job and by only working on building your “aircraft to freedom” in your spare time. Then, when your Business revenues exceed what you earn at your Job on a regular basis, hand in your resignation letter (mentioning all the sweet things you dare not say to your Boss while being an active employee) and then parachute out of the building in James Bond style. You may wanna call an Ambulance beforehand though (just in case).

So here’s a glimpse of what you’re getting yourself into when you choose to go down the self-employment route, (so that you don’t make a habit of bumping into walls on a regular basis):

1. Entrepreneurship (in any endeavor) requires the kind of tenacity, training, and discipline that you would normally see in a Professional Athlete. So, you will have to build a new set of skills that defines your new role and then repeat those practices almost every day.

But as nearly everything in life is 90% Psychological and only around 10% Physical, take the time to read, watch and listen to as many Motivational and Inspirational Self-help material as you possibly can. That may also means that you will eventually have to disassociate yourself with negative influences and anything that doesn’t leave you feeling high and vibrant

2. Failure and Disappointment will show up regularly on the main menu for a considerable length of time before the menu ultimately gets upgraded to choices more favorable to you.

So, it’s important that you perceive these failures and disappointments as tiny little oat clusters that you just have to “munch through” in order to qualify for the big banquet.

On average it may take around 7-10 years to reach your destination (even in an“accelerated environment”). And in some cases, it can take even longer. In fact, some of the finest of Entrepreneurs and Inventors had to endure thousands of failed attempts and numerous Bankruptcies before ultimately becoming legendary.

So don’t be surprised if a salesman shows up at your door wearing an eyepatch and a pirate outfit, telling you that you can take a Chopper to shortcut your way to the end of the marathon. Life is designed with a specific set of rules (much like Gravity) and the Chairman of the Universe and all members of the Board are there to ensure that we play by their rules.

So get into the habit of seeing yourself as the recipient of the product or service you’re trying to sell or promote. If you don’t get wowed and dazzled by what’s been offered, then chances are neither will your customers.

3. Becoming self-employed is the furthest thing from self-discovery. Self-discovery does happen eventually. But at first, your job is to find people who have been there and done that and then model the critters right out of em (without copying anything verbatim and getting yourself landed in a cozy cell right next to a Cheetah that’s been on a Vegan diet for weeks). It also might be worthwhile finding someone like that as your Mentor or Coach so that you’ll reach your destination quicker.

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