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Live by the Premise: “I Am in Competition With No One Other Than Myself”

I Am in Competition With No One

Ever wondered why you haven’t seen any Racehorses show up for Sprint events?

That’s because, aside from the fact that they have the extra “legroom” to work with, it would also make it a very Horsey event.

We’re all given unique gifts and talents that we often overlook because we’re too focused on the other guy/gal who’s excelling in their field of calling.

But if we’re to find our own calling and start living a fuller, more vibrant life, then we have to switch our focus from them to us and take a minute to scour around our own spiritual vaults to see what’s already been put there.

The only Problem is getting into the Vault. Sure. We can break in legally because it’s our vault. But doing so can permanently mess up our hair.

So the way around it is to let the Universe, do the unlocking for us simply by asking the following question:

“How do I serve you more and have a swell time doing it?”

And once you ask the question, look at the stuff you already love doing that just lights you up like a Christmas Tree. Could one of your hobbies or pastimes be the key to your future?

Colonel Sanders became a huge hit with a single Chicken recipe. It wasn’t good news for the Chicken. But it definitely was for Colonel Sanders. Gary Dahl came up with a goofy idea of a Pet Rock that took the World by storm and forced the entire Puppy and Kitten population to smile more in order to keep their appeal. And the list just goes on and on.

Also look at problems and areas that you’ve overcome in life either by yourself or with the help of someone else. Are there other people out there who are struggling with similar issues? Then, why not make the effort to pay that kindness forward?

When the Universe sends you the answer, you’ll feel it right down to the tingliest edges of your spine. But given how awesome our Creator is he won’t stop at just giving you the answer. He’ll also line up the resources to help bring your vision to life. And yes it works just same with or without a religion. All you need to in order do be eligible for these Supernatural blessings is to be kind, loving, generous, gracious and forgiving to everyone you come across (even the ones that you feel like choking very gently). You’ll also need to give 10% of your net income every single month to a cause or charity that helps people who cannot help themselves.

Then when the answer shows up, don’t do what 99% of the people do and talk yourself out of it. For every good reason, there’s always gonna be at least a dozen excuses. If you don’t have the tenacity to overcome the fences that other people have built into your psyche since your childhood, then you’re “officially screwed”.

The first tool that broke me free from my own limitations is Tony Robbin’s Personal Power II program. I didn’t just listen to the CDs, I actually did much of what he suggested. And I marinated my brain with a ton of other juicy self-help material to flush out all my limitations and negative thought patterns.

Finding your calling may not be an overnight process. It’s not like your calling is gonna call you on your cellphone or leave a message.

From the starting point of listening to Tony Robbins and Ellen Kreidman, it took me around 8 years to find my own calling. I would have probably zigzagged and buzzed around more times than a Bee, in an effort to find what it is.

But guess what, it’s worth it. And so are you.

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