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Lost Your Job? Or Worried About Losing Your Job? This will help!

Losing Your Job


If you lost your job recently, don’t be disheartened.

It might turn out to be the BEST thing that’s ever happened to you.

So, start seeing your closed door as an opportunity to get that dream job you’ve always wanted or to start your own Business. And never even consider the possibility of going back. As the evil dude Paracelsus from TV Series, Warehouse 13 said: “Progress requires sacrifice”. Obviously, your intentions would be more nobler (I hope).

So, if you wanna pursue that dream job, start afresh the very next day, much like you would if you were still employed. Dress as you would if you were going for work and then use your “work hours” to apply for jobs that really appeals to you. Also, get a well-reviewed book on Resume writing and Job Interviewing Skills to help you with your pursuits.

Most people apply for jobs by placing a high emphasis on what they had done in the past and what their qualifications are rather than addressing the individual skills and job requirements of their potential employer. And since much of your competition is doing just that, it’s much easier to stand out than you think.

But if you don’t find what you are looking for right away or you are thrown off a few Rooftops because the interview didn’t go too well, take to heart that the Universe never permanently closes the door to folks who do the right thing and just keep on keeping on. It’s just a fact of life.

So, think of this process like climbing a 200 step staircase, with your open door waiting for you at the 200th step. Now, what would your attitude be about the 199 steps that come before that? Wouldn’t you just wanna pace through those as quickly as you can (preferably without stumbling)?

So, that’s the job route, which is okay for many, but not for people who are looking for unlimited growth potential. And what’s the Unlimited Growth route?a

It’s basically going to work for the person that you talk to over Breakfast and hang out with on Fridays (and on every other day). Yep, that would be yourself.

Now, going into Business for yourself can be extremely rewarding as long as your efforts are leveraged and not tied to your physical presence. And that’s something you would need to map out beforehand. A truly sustainable business can be automated and systematized to the point that it can be run, even while you’re flicking through 800 different dream channels at night (in your sleep) .

Obviously, at the beginning, you may have to do a good amount of the grunt work. So make sure that the business you get into is something that makes your heart flutter, giggle, and twirl every time you think about it. If it doesn’t, then you may not have the drive and the zest to put in those extra hours or to break through the wall when necessary. And even if you do find the valor and wit to break through one or two walls, you’ll spend so many days in the Hospital afterward, that those early heroics won’t really amount to much. That wouldn’t be the case when you’re pursuing something you deem as worth every ounce of inconvenience and broken nail.

So, starting your own business, even on a small scale does carry some risk. But one of the best ways of minimizing that risk would be to initially pursue an MLM opportunity that has a good track record and also resonates with your passions. And if you align yourself with a Sponsor who’s already created success for him/herself with the opportunity, then all you would have to do is find out what they’re doing and what their daily ritual is and do the same.

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