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5 Steps to 24 Hr Fitness and Energy

24 hr fitness

Everything in life is a choice. And we unfold our choices every minute of every day.

You can choose health over feeling lightheaded and woozy all the time.
You can choose youthfulness over not being able to keep up with your grandpa.

You can choose fitness over fatness.

You can choose vitality over wheelchairs and hobbling

And you can choose strength over helplessness

So, here’s how you tune into the station of total fitness and eternal youth:

1. Switch EVERYTHING you eat for 6 FULL days to fresh produces (i.e Fruits, Vegetables, Greens, Nuts, Seeds, Eggs and Skim Milk) – What I do is use a Nutrininja to make two awesome smoothies with Skim Milk as the base.

On top of that I have three egg salads everyday seasoned with 100% natural spices, sea salts (less than 1 teaspoon a day) and healthy oils (such as Olive Oil, Sesame Oil, and Rapeseed oil). The oils help keep the hunger pangs at bay. But be sure to use a plethora of vegetables, fruits and greens with all your meals. The broader the color palette the healthier your meal.

Then, alternate between egg salads and smoothies every 3 hours.

As Tony Robbins puts it: “If you wanna feel alive, eat live foods”.

But if the whole “Raw Food concept” sounds a bit too nightmarish, to begin with, start with cooked foods and then gradually work up to going raw.

2. Drink a glass of water every hour – Often times our body confuses thirst for hunger. So, when you have enough water in your body, it will not only function at optimal, but it’ll play a pivotal role in helping your bodies shed any unnecessary puffiness

3. Workout for at least 30 minutes a day – Start with a SLOW 10 minute walk around the block and commit to that for a whole month. A 10-minute walk might sound too simple, to begin with, but if you start out with a 30-minute intense training session, you’ll likely develop an allergic reaction to exercise, causing you to sneeze or burp every time you see any exercise equipment.

So, start out with 10 minutes and once your body starts enjoying that amazing endorphin rush,increase it by 5 minutes each week until you have built it up to a 30-minute walk.

Then, start increasing the distance you would normally walk in a session (you’ll need a step counter for this). So, if you normally manage 10,000 steps in 30 minutes, aim for 11,000 the following week, 12,000 the week after that and so forth until you can manage around 15,000 or 20,000 steps in a single session. But don’t overdo it. Our bodies are designed to grow in small increments. That’s why we don’t see too many two feet tall College Students.
And when 20,000 steps in 30 minutes start to feel like a walk in the park, try something a little more intense like P90X3.

4. Chew your food slowly – As strange as it may sound, it also means that you have to chew your smoothies as well, instead of just drinking them. Our bodies don’t register calories that we “drink”(at least not immediately). So chew and breathe deeply to make sure you’re not full up.

5. Take a day off – 6 solid days of healthy eating, allows you to go completely nuts on the 7th and eat anything you like, whilst keeping your hourly water ritual intact.

Follow the above steps for six solid months and your mirror will shriek in delight at the person it sees afterwards. But don’t expect to see a 6 pack at that stage, though. That’s always the last piece of the puzzle. And it’s also when “portion control” come into play. So, that can be your second 6-month project.

Slow and steady not only wins the race. They also stay active and healthy for life and never tire out.

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