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What is Your Goal? Do You Have a Plan? Either Way, This Will Help!

What is Your Goal

Are you a DIY goal achiever? Or do you feel cozier with a Coach by your side?

So, you got your Driver’s license. You know how the gearbox works. You know your left from your right. And you’re fairly certain that you won’t run over anyone anytime soon.

Now, where do you go from here?

Hmmm… how about a roadmap or someone (preferably not a backseat driver with a bad temper) to show you the way?
The Destination

  • Do you know where you’re going?
  • What would that destination look like?
  • Is it somewhere Beachy?
  • Somewhere Sunny?
  • Is it some faraway mythical land full of Unicorns, Puppies, Kittens and Squirrels?
  • Or maybe you prefer somewhere so cold that your teeth start chattering at the beginning and end of each sentence?

Whatever inspires you and whatever your heart desires (provided it’s ethical, legal and doesn’t have tentacles) you can have. And as cliché, as it may sound, it’s true.

In fact, the very reason why it’s become so ingrained in your thinking is because you’re destined to have it. Unfortunately, it won’t just parachute down to your doorstep one Sunny morning all gift-wrapped with your name intact.

And that’s because it comes at a price.

But it’s a price that you already have the means of paying using the cash that’s all tucked away in a very unusual place… your Brilliant Mind. Yep. It’s all tucked away in those pigeonhole like cells in your brain, in tiny little denominations called ideas and supernatural intuitions. In fact, if you knew just how much wealth was locked up in there right now, you would probably start walking around with your mouth wide open.

So, in order for those ideas and supernatural intuitions to have some kind of tangible currency value, you must first throw them into the ether and bring them to life.

But be warned though. More than 90% of those ideas will fail right out the gate. And that’s why most people don’t even bother trying. In fact, their “fear of failure anxiety” is so high that they cringe and slip into comas at the very thought of even trying.


The Roadmap

So, now that we know where you’re headed, it’s time to buckle up those seatbelts, start your Engines, put the pedal to the metal, turn the radio on and get those wheels spinning like crazy.

Now…does anyone know how to get to Concordia (in the South pole)?

Knowing where you’re headed is only half the battle.

Next, you’ll need to know which route to take and the best modality of transportation to get there.

You cannot just jump into a Road bike or a Raft and hope to get there anytime soon.

And packing in just a couple of sweaters, a cozy pair of fluffy thermal socks and a big flask of hot soup might not cut it either.

Lastly, there’s the part about “not dying trying to get there” and “staying alive once you get there”.

So it’s not just about getting there. It’s also about acquiring the right skills, training, knowledge and the resources needed to cross the terrain.

Fortunately, nowadays most “success roadmaps” divulge about as much information as possible to prevent you from being mistaken for an Ice cream cone by Nessie (the loch ness monster) or from falling into a bottomless crevasse with no cell phone reception.

But what these success roadmaps really fail to include are those unforeseeable pitfalls and banana peels that lie in your journey.
The Coach

The roadmap approach works fine for folks who have a reasonable track record of hitting their goals and targets consistently. They are padded and prepped to take on the occasional tumble or bruise with a giggle.

But for those who aren’t used to the regular bad hairstyle shocks and broken nails, they would be so much better off with a Coach, who can see everything as they unfold in real-time. They can see their flaws, mistakes, and weaknesses as well as their strengths and potencies. And the minute they hear a hiccup or a burp they can step in and nudge their student in the right direction.


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