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Commission Salary: Take it Or Leave It?

Commission Salary

Opportunities without Pay? Should you take it or leave it?

Many Entrepreneurs start out without pay and without any Cats. In fact, for the most part have nothing more than their Grandma’s Gramophone to their name.

So, the questions to ask yourself should be:

Would have better luck investing your money into acquiring your own stock, office space (or basement)? Then coming up with a marketing plan (that might or might not work)? And finally robbing a couple of banks to “fund that marketing plan”?

Or would you be better off working for someone who’s already stocked up, has a brand and marketing plan that works, is not a drug dealer? And has a ton of marketing resources and Doritos to help you get going?

Yes. You do have the option of finding yourself a job (if you can get everyone to stop turning their lights off and hiding every time you show up at the door).

But if your ultimate goal is to own the keys to your own shackles and get a pet Elephant of your own one day, then the “entrepreneurial route” is the way to go. And the “least painful” entrepreneurial route (aside from maybe the “Weed market”) around are “straight commission opportunities.

There may be the “slight inconvenience” of homeowners being in the habit of feeding salespeople to birds.  But if you can “survive that” it would be the perfect springboard to get your sales career underway.

Alternatively, you could do like what I did and start offering Marketing services to Business owners on a free trial basis and without sounding like the new Vampire on the block.

Yep. It was risky because I was not only offering them a service Guarantee but I was also doing the work for their first month for free.

But thanks to the wonderful, delightful and ridiculously sensational Founder and Chairman of the Universe, the gamble paid off.  You can find out more about our Creator’s simple (and non-religious) “scoring system” that will take every single aspect of your life to a whole new level by clicking here…or here.


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