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I Quit Drinking Years Ago: Here’s Why

I quit drinking

Can you imagine what 10 generations of this would be like?

An occasional drink or a cigarette may seem harmless on the surface. But it’s got a greater impact on every little bitty component of your body and the well-being of your loved ones than you can imagine.

For starters, anyone who consumes two or more alcoholic beverages a day (even the seemingly cute ones) is throwing away 23 years off their lives. In fact, every little “woozy” drink we consume gets us 7 hours closer to that all important “appointment” with our Maker. And every teeny tiny cigarette we light up brings us 14 minutes closer to the “the great beyond. Obviously, that’s only half the picture.

Cigarettes “literally barbecue us slowly” from the inside out, much like we would “smoke” a piece of salmon or meat. When our  “internal organs” have cooked to about a “medium rare” state, they become “unusable to us”.

This is when our Doctor has no choice but to put us on his “cutting table” and amputate one (or more) of our limbs. Or let his Rottweiler chew out the “cooked parts” on his behalf. The body maybe, able to “repair itself” to some extent. But that’s no different to a team of fighters trying to put out a fire in a building occupied by dozens of arsonists. Given that alcohol gets into our bloodstream (and everything else including our Safety Deposit boxes), it too has a similar effect. It might not exactly turn us into a cheese flavored toasty in a matter of years starting with our teeth, nails and hair. Instead, it’s got its own barrage of “exciting illnesses” to keep us awake and in pain for decades (even possibly for life).

The worst part of it all is the fact that our Kids (who by default become carbon copies of us) are likely to pick up the habit themselves and pass it down for many generations to come. That’s provided that they don’t collapse from anemia, hepatitis, heart disease, cirrhosis, dementia, depression, seizures, high blood pressure, pancreatitis, nerve damage or just pure horror first.

PS: My oldest brother Keerthi died of cirrhosis in January of 2007 at the age of 45. He was a “casual drinker” for years leading up to that. Then in the last few years of his life, he started losing “count” of what he was drinking. The first half of his “youthful life” was plagued by Cigarettes. One of my Cousins and Granddads have also fallen prey to the same fate.


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