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The Power Behind Kids Imagination

Kids Imagination

Are childhood fantasies just pipe dreams?

Most Parents perceive a Child’s wild imagination as a hindrance. And try their best to pluck it out of their brains as if it were a lozenge that’s gone the wrong way. Sadly, often times they succeed leaving their “creative and innovative brains” about as empty as breadboxes (without the bread).

Without their creativity, innovation, direction, aspiration and dreams we’re left with a bunch of mini-Zombies who give into lives of conformity, chocolates, misery and mediocrity.

Sure. That wasn’t the intended outcome. But often times when we allow a wannabe perform brain surgery using just their Kitchen Utensils and Power Tools, things don’t usually pan out the way they intend to.

So, if your Kid looks and sounds completely crazy right now and is planning to invent the World’s first marshmallow powered automobile, then let them. If their blueprint doesn’t include any Pet limbs or Human hair and it’s not causing anyone harm, then what have you really got to lose?

If history has taught us one thing, it’s to never underestimate the power of a Child’s imagination because without it the World would be a very dull and innovation-free place filled with prehistoric museums and monotone lifestyles.


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