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“I Hear Voices in My Head That Are Always Negative” Here’s the Solution >

i hear voices in my head

Do the negative voices in your head rain on your Parade?

If so, it’s time to shake them “off your head” for good (without causing your ears, eyes and hair to fall off in the process).

Often times, the negative voices we hear are our own doubts and fears.

At times, they’re naysayers trying to keep you tied in place by your own shoelaces, in an effort to keep you from soaring any higher. If they can hold you back (or beat you down with a rolling pin every time you try “climbing that beanstalk of success”), they wouldn’t have to feel bad about themselves.

They can also be from Family and Friends, who are trying to “keep you safe” from the big bad world filled with numerous 2-legged and 4-legged monsters. They’re convinced that everything and everyone outside their little “Dollhouse” is part of a Criminal Enterprise (kinda like how many races and religions perceive one another).

Lastly, but most importantly we have News Media.  These Dudes make their bucks by shinning the spotlight on every “socially appealing trashcan” they can find, and by dumping that trash straight into every brain and room that is “connected to a TV”. The funny thing is we pay them to do just that. We would never pay them for a piece of good news (which account for about 99% of the World’s “incidents”). And we certainly wouldn’t pay them to list out “our flaws, faults, cooking accidents or crimes”.

So, what’s the solution?

Simple. Turn it ALL off. Tune out the neigh saying specialists, the unhelpful (and sometimes crippling) advice from well-meaning family members, friends and friendly fiends. And most importantly turn off that “brain washer and dryer” called the “News”. The “News” is the furthest thing from “reality” you can find. In essence, we’re being shown a series of Horse Butts and being told that they’re a bunch of “Horses”.  Sure, the butt does belong to the Horse. You wouldn’t deny it. And the Horse definitely wouldn’t deny it. But it’s the farthest thing from a “full picture”. Now, if you need “weather report” or the “traffic updates” you could always get them online. Or you could have your psychic on speed dial.


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