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You Control Your Life. You Control Your Destiny.

control your life

Every day, we are given the choice of determining our destiny.

If a plane is off course by a fringe, it can very easily land hundreds if not thousands of miles away from it’s intended destination. So instead of New York, it might actually end up landing right next to Santa’s new vacation spot in the north pole somewhere.

But all it takes for it get back on track is a slight course correction and for that course correction to be applied consistently for the duration of that flight.

And that’s pretty much how life works. So, if you’re not happy with your current state of Health, Fitness, Relationships or Finances, then all you have to do is determine your desired destination, punch in your new coordinates and make the necessary course corrections every single step of the way, until that new destination is reached.

But there’s a slight hiccup. The airplane of life doesn’t allow you to switch to autopilot for any destination it’s not familiar with.

And the only destinations it’s familiar with are Mediocreland, Lazyville, and Yawnshire, which aren’t the sexiest of places around.

At the same time,doing a U-turn at 35,000 feet up in the air might not be recommended if you like to keep your eyebrows where they’re right now.
So the course correction would have to be subtle and consistent (and not wake any of the passengers).

For instance, let’s say that you’re 2000Lbs overweight and you’re looking to lose 5Lbs of that within a few weeks and without having to resort to any medieval weight loss torture programs. Then the course correction that you require could be as simple as having a glass of water every hour (except when it’s closer to bedtime) or replacing one of your regular meals with a Fresh Fruit/Veg/Nut and Skim Milk smoothie (with nothing else added). That small course correction, when applied daily gets results every single time, although it does take a while to see the progress. But when the results do become apparent, they would continue to grow over time (provided that you don’t try to counter the benefits with five extra milkshakes).

And once you’ve reached your first destination, you can lock in a new destination and start again. So, instead of replacing just one meal with a healthy smoothie, you would replace two etc. And once a course correction has succeeded, treat it like the big celebration that you had when you graduated from middle school and resort to never go back, even if someone offered to pick you up and buy you lunch.

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