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Delegation Skills to Grow Your Business with Less Effort

Delegation skills

Limit your schedule to just 5 main tasks a day (with your focus being on just one at any given time).

Anything beyond that becomes a juggling act. And unless you work for a Circus or are an Octopus, that can get very messy very quickly.

So, outsource everything you can from the managing of inventory, servicing of customers all the way to the supervision of operations and tax returns to people who have a good track record to back their proficiency.

The one or two tasks that you should hold on to are the ones that contribute the most to your Company’s bottom line and in particular the tasks that require your thumbprint in some shape or form.

For instance, if you’re an Author by trade, your thumbprint, and your highest value activity at any given time is your message. So, that becomes the one thing that you don’t outsource.


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