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Money Investment: 3 Investment Strategies That Can Potentially Pay Dividends for Life

Money Investment

Don’t just snooze on your money! Invest it WISELY.

Diversify your portfolio by putting some of it into Bonds(such as Treasury and Corporate Bond Funds), Real-Estate (Preferably apartment housing) and Stocks. But, at the very least have a 401K, Solo 401K or a Defined Benefit Plan in place.

Money (when invested right), will bring you a steady stream of revenue for years to come (possibly even in your afterlife).

So each month, have 10% of your net income directed to one of your preferred Investing options, another 10% directed to a rainy-day fund. And most importantly have 10% go to a Charity or Non-profit that “genuinely” helps people who cannot help themselves.

I commonly refer to “monthly charity contributions” as “Supernatural Tax” and “Supernatural Insurance”. Supernatural Insurance keeps you from not being struck by lightning more than once a week. It keeps you from being hit by random baseballs at every street corner. And it makes your cheek glow at night. On top of all that it places a hedge of protection around your loved ones, your finances, and your teeth.

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