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Thinking of Using Social Media As A Marketing Tool?

Social Media As A Marketing Tool

Is your Social Media profile scaring away your friends and fans?

Then consider swapping out that photo of you in a Halloween costume, with something that looks a little more “friendly”. And a lot less “life threatening”. A picture with a bright smile and a well-illuminated background works best.

Then weave your entire Social Media Profile design and theme around your “personality” and your branding. People are looking to connect with “other human beings” (and the occasional Alien for the purposes of interplanetary relations), not companies, spammers, scammers or ghosts.

If it helps you can hire a professional designer to help you with the process from a site like or

Once you have the Lego pieces in place, you can start sprinkling your personality to your audience in the form of helpful tips, updates about your life, jokes and chocolate chips.  You can throw in the occasional product recommendation in there too. Or even refer your fans or group members to your own products or services, provided it’s in line with the Social Media Company’s terms and conditions. But keep those “recommendations” to a bare minimum.

You won’t mind torturing your way through 10 minutes of advertisements on TV, in exchange of 60 minutes of quality content. If, however that ratio was flipped on its head and you had to go through 60 minutes of commercials to catch a 10 minute “glimpse” of the TV episode you had been longing to watch all week, you would most likely be bummed out of your wits.  Your TV screen would probably die a very agonizing death too.

The general rules of “give more, ask less” and “give first, ask later” applies to ALL aspects of life (online, offline, centerline and even on the sidelines).


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