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3-Highly Effective Brainstorming Methods

Effective Brainstorming

Can you form better connections in your brain just by…disconnecting yourself?

Sometimes, when we are fully immersed in what we’re trying to accomplish or resolve, our “creative genius” seems to lapse into a coma. When that happens, we go from “thinking our way through” an issue to “biting and pinching our way through it”. At that point, our brain’s processing capacity shrinks down to about the size of a chimpanzee. That doesn’t mean that you suddenly became very hairy, developed an insatiable appetite for Bananas and magically transformed yourself into a chimpanzee. It’s just our brain’s way of saying “Give me a break!”.

So, when we take ourselves (and our brain) out of that “pressured environment” and allow it to chill (not by refrigerating it) but by engaging ourselves in a series of mundane and relaxing tasks, it naturally moves back into that “creative pane” of thinking again.

When that happens, you’re gonna need a whole lot of paper or a Dictaphone to take notes of what the brain has to say. It’s pretty much like what happened to Archimedes, except with clothes (hopefully). And speaking of Archimedes, water does serve as a great catalyst to get your “mind” going like it’s “lost its mind”.  That’s why I rarely go to the bathroom without a Dictaphone (and some proper clothes).


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