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Fast Weight Loss Exercises + 3 Essential Weight Loss Tips

Fast Weight Loss Exercises

Make exercise fun.

Start at an easy breezy tempo and build up the intensity gradually.

Put on your favorite trainers, throw some music into the mix and just roll with it. Starting easy not only makes you fall in love with the habit of working out every day but it also prevents you from going into shock every time you see a pair of trainers.

And don’t forget good nutrition and water. Otherwise, you’ll pretty much look the same even if you ran a thousand miles every day.

So, for 6 days a week switch everything you eat to fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, greens, eggs, seeds and healthy oils.

You can have these in the form of smoothies or salads as I do.

Now, if you’re not sure about where to start, grab a few awesome recipe ideas from the NutriNinja, Vitamix or NutriBullet websites (it might be worth getting the blender too). Then aim for about 3 smoothies and 3 salads per day (about 2-3 hours apart).

As per the water intake, shoot for a minimum of 1 glass every hour. Drink enough to keep the “flow clear”. This is our Body’s way of telling us that it’s “working properly”.


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